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ive never seen eyes like yours

emerald green

so bright and big

ive never seen eyes so sad

from sweet ecstasy

to pure regret

i knew it was me

who caused the sadness

in those eyes

but youve never told me

how my eyes look

how they sparkle brown

and how they glimmer with tears

because it was too much for you

you couldnt handle it

youre a fucking coward

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07/06/17 (2)

i enjoy the loudness of the music

playing into my ears

i enjoy having the windows down

and my hair flying behind me

nothing feels as good

as the beach water

flooding your toes on a hot day

and the laughs that you share

nothing feels as good as fruit

dripping down your chin

while flavors burst

like fireworks in your mouth

and nothing feels like sand

stuck on your feet

and in your hands

nothing feels as good

as getting home, tired yet cozy

and passing out

after the water and sun all day

nothing feels as good

as being happy

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i hate most things

about summer and the heat

like the way the sun

kisses my skin

how i remember you kissing me

and the way the breeze

moves my hair from my neck

like you did

but i mostly hate

the warm memories

of trees and leaves

with muddy grounds

and rotting fences

i hate how in love

we felt

i hate how deep i had fallen


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sometimes i feel so dumb

sometimes i feel worthless

like if i disappeared

no one would bat an eye

and i could be one less thing

that gets in the way

one less thing

that causes stress and anger

and i could disappear from your life


just as you wish

because i tried to hard

to make you happy

but i fucking didnt

and it kills me because

you didnt fucking try

when i gave you everything

and you just walked away

like i didnt love you

like i didnt give you my life

like i didnt matter

you walked away

when i fucking needed you most

and i cant ever forgive you for it.


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06/21/17 (2)

im not sure how i fucked up

but i always do eventually

even though i thought it was different

beacause with you it was easy

i know youre angry

but i cant help how i feel

and how you make me

so fucking mad

when you act like

im nothing

but a fucking joke

in your life

because i was much more before he came along

and ripped you away

out of my hands

as if you belonged to him

and you were property

to be bought


but you are so much more

than that

you are bright

and happiness

if only you could see for yourself

who you are

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as i sit in my bed

with everything of you

stuck on replay in my head

i know i have to choose

between the pain of you

or the relief of life

and the joy of being myself

because i cant live on

with you stuck to me

like glue on paper

because i wont ever

be myself when youre around

you poison me

you were always toxic

and i couldnt fucking breathe

with you always with me


maybe i cant let go

maybe you stole

a piece of me

to keep forever

but i cant live

when im not whole

so leave me alone

and fuck off

and let me be myself