why do i wish it was your hand

keeping mine warm

as my fingers tingle in the cold

i long for yours touching me

maybe they are but sadly

i did not ask for them

to be wrapped so tighlty

around my fragile heart


please let go

let me go

i no-longer wish for you

to be keeping me warm

i want you gone

i want you forgotten…

why cant i forget you


…like you’ve forgotten me


in many different forms

we are the same

same sad eyes

same sadness inside

we share the same love

for boys and caffeine

maybe because deep down

we know we cant be saved

but we’ll drown ourselves

in things that make us empty


same big smile while we laugh

same thoughts

same need to be needed

in many different ways

i have found myself thinking

we are the same






the soft touch of your skin on mine

send electricity up my spine

the warmth of your hands

on the back of my neck

the thought of you with a new girl

now my head is just a blur

time was tick tick ticking

slipped through my fingers like you

it felt like there was fire

burning a hole in my chest

with you gone

i cant rest

left with my thoughts

thinking this is what’s best

it was always about you

but i guess you were through

i hope you’re happy

i’ll be thinking of you

cause you never leave my mind

how i wish you were mine


i’m sorry.