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08/29/17 (2)

how i wish i could feel your

body heat warming my skin

fingers running through my hair

how i wish i could see your

cute smirk, fluffy blonde hair

to feel you with me

kissing my lips, neck, body

how i long to feel you

giggling against my body

filling with happiness

smiling like crazy

and for once i want it

to be all because of me

i want you to want me

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old songs carry so much

like the pain in my chest

but the grin on my face

as each word is sang

every one like a bullet

i cant help but wonder

if these songs meant anything

or were coping methods

for the heavy chest

and the tear soaked eyes

but i know that they’re me

somehow in my soul, veins


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ive never seen eyes like yours

emerald green

so bright and big

ive never seen eyes so sad

from sweet ecstasy

to pure regret

i knew it was me

who caused the sadness

in those eyes

but youve never told me

how my eyes look

how they sparkle brown

and how they glimmer with tears

because it was too much for you

you couldnt handle it

youre a fucking coward

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07/06/17 (2)

i enjoy the loudness of the music

playing into my ears

i enjoy having the windows down

and my hair flying behind me

nothing feels as good

as the beach water

flooding your toes on a hot day

and the laughs that you share

nothing feels as good as fruit

dripping down your chin

while flavors burst

like fireworks in your mouth

and nothing feels like sand

stuck on your feet

and in your hands

nothing feels as good

as getting home, tired yet cozy

and passing out

after the water and sun all day

nothing feels as good

as being happy

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i hate most things

about summer and the heat

like the way the sun

kisses my skin

how i remember you kissing me

and the way the breeze

moves my hair from my neck

like you did

but i mostly hate

the warm memories

of trees and leaves

with muddy grounds

and rotting fences

i hate how in love

we felt

i hate how deep i had fallen